President of Zimbabwe faces fast-approaching deadline to resign

Robert Mugabe, the longtime leader of Zimbabwe, is yet to respond to the timeline that his party had set for him to leave after he gave a quite surprising announcement saying he won’t quit.

Zanu-PF who has assumed leadership of the party says that there are active plans to impeach the embattled leader if by 12:00 local time (10:00 GMT) on Monday he is yet to quit.

Proceedings are likely to commence on Tuesday as the members of the parliament meet

The grip that Mr Mugabe has on power in the republic state had slackened since Wednesday when the military intervened in a row that came about because they are yet to know who will succeed him in his office.

The crisis had started about two weeks before now when Mr Mugabe laid off his deputy, EmmersonMnangagwa. This act angered military personnel who perceived it was a ploy by the 93-year-old leader to put his wife next in line for the leadership of Zimbabwe.

Since then, Zimbabwe has witnessed massive rallies on the streets with zealous demonstrators anchoring each one, all of them including influential veterans in the country agitating for the resignation of their leader.

What was said by Mugabe in his address?

During the speech by Mugabe that lasted for over 20 minutes, Mugabe did not mention the pressure that was on-going in his party and the public, demanding that he quit.

Instead, Mugabe revealed that the action by the military was not wrong, He said that it was within their legal privilege to place him under house arrest and seize power.

“Regardless of their (army) methodology in carrying out their operation, I recognise their concerns and as commander-in-chief, respect their authority,” he shared about the move made by the army last week to take over in Harare, the country’s capital, the state broadcaster.