If you remember, the setting was a private dinner that President Obama had and Donald Trump was one of the guests. President Obama stepped to the podium to speak. As he stood and made some light, playful comments, Obama happen to see Trump in the audience. In the past, Obama and Trump didn’t have a good relationship. Due to their different views, they weren’t very fond of one another. And since he held the main stage, Obama felt he should make some light jabs at the future president-elect.

At the time, Obama knew about talks of Trump running for president and his open remarks that were said about Obama and his cabinet. Obama knew there was no way that Trump could get close to any political position; not just the president. With no prior experience in politics, Obama didn’t even expect to see Trump playing a president in a movie. On Wednesday morning, Obama woke out of his dream. Trump had become his successor. The next question on everyone’s mind was how awkward would their first meeting be.

The time had come on Thursday morning. Obama welcomed Trump to the White House, and both men put aside their antagonisms. This was an important meeting, where the political power is transferred to the next president. Three days prior to this meeting, Obama was yet again bashing Trump by saying the president-elect wouldn’t be able to control codes that were required for a nuclear weapon to be launched. Now, the two men were sitting side-by-side and Obama was wishing Trump well with hopes that his term is a success. Obama also informed Trump that he would help him any way to make a smooth transition.

Trump also swallowed his words, where he would constantly say that Obama wasn’t legally born in America and shouldn’t be president. Instead, Trump had this to say about Obama: “Very good man.”