Personal cell phone John Kelly is endangered, Whitehouse believes

Whitehouse officials believe that the personal head of mobile phone staff John Kelly was endangered, probably in December, according to three US government officials.

The discovery is concerned that foreign governments or hackers may have access to Kelly’s phone records while he was a national security secretary and after entering the Western wing.

Staff assistant revealed an alleged injury after Kelly turned his phone back to Whitehouse tech support this summer complaining of not doing the right thing or not updating the software.

Kelly told employees that the phone did not work properly for months, officials said

Whitehouse Aides prepared a memorandum in September that escalated an incident that expanded throughout the administration.
A White House spokeswoman said Kelly had not used a personal phone since joining the administration. This official said Kelly relied on a phone issued by the government for official communications.

The official, who did not deny event coverage or the existence of a note, said Kelly was no longer the owner of the device, but refused where the phone was now.

One of the officials said that Kelly has started using another phone, though he relies on his telephone when he is in the White House.
Several government officials said it was unclear when – or where – Kelly’s phone was first threatened. It is also unclear what information is called, if any.

Kelly’s map of times before admissions to the administration in January will be tested. The former Navy General retired in 2016 as the United States chief. The Southern Command. Employees checked the phone for a few days and tried to figure out what had happened, officials said. Many functions on the phone did not work.

The IT department concluded that the phone was compromised and that it could no longer be used according to the letter

The document has caused concern across the western wing, which could be exposed to information, one of the officials said.
Publication comes in the middle of an internal investigation in the White House in personal e-mail. Older officials, including Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, sometimes used personal e-mails for government operations, Political Reports.