Paul Horner, prominent fake news writer, dies at 38

A prominent supplier of fake information during the 2016 US presidential election has died at the age of 38. According to Mark Casey, the spokesman for Maricopa County Sheriff Office said authorities found the lifeless body of Paul Horner in his bed on September 18.

Casey stated an autopsy was carried out on Horner’s corpse but found no signs of foul play. He added that the deceased had a history of drug abuse, and he could have died of an overdose.
Paul Horner was popular for purveying fake news that went viral on social media and blindfolded many people. One of his stories claimed that the ex-president, Barack Obama was a radical Muslim and gay, and another news he made said protesters were hugely paid to demonstrate at rallies during Donald Trump’s campaign.

Did Horner’s stories push Trump into the White House?

Horner also published much viral news during the election, pointing at the race between Clinton and Trump.
During an interview session with The Washington Post in 2016, Paul Horner stated that he believes Trump won the election because of him, and Trump supporters didn’t check his stories before sharing and posting them. He added that even Trump’s campaign manager posted his story about a protester who was paid $3,500 without checking the story.

Many people of Trump’s inner circle shared Horner’s posts and stories, to the point that his stories got to Google News. J.J., Paul Horner’s brother, said his dead brother had the passion for hypocrisy at a very tender age, and that carved a niche for him on the internet.

J.J. Horner said they were bred in Minnesota prior to the relocation to Arizona. He added that Paul had interest in politics as he started making political cartoons at a tender age. He went on to say that he believes his late brother wanted people to be credible for their actions, and not just sharing things blindly.

Casey said reports from the office of the medical examiner remains pending, and the case will not be closed until the cause of his death is ascertained.