Obama professes enthusiastic hope that the Congress will handle the health care meticulously

The former president of the US Barack Obama indeed depicted his ‘fervent hope’ on Sunday; he hopes that the members of the Congress see things beyond party lines when looking at the future of the States’ healthcare. He made his fervent hope known at Boston where the Democrat was awarded the ‘Profile in Courage’ Award by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation. This award came days after the House of Representatives under the control of the Republic closely passed a bill to annul and substitute the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. The law that gave over 20 million Americans access to health insurance.
While making reference to the book by the former US president, John F. Kenedy, he pointed out that several members of the Congress ran a high risk and almost lost their positions when they voted for Obamacare which contributed to escalating the Tea Party Movement. Obama further stated that the great debate is yet to be settled, but he and other millions of people hope that such courage can be restored, irrespective of the party. The members of the current Congress should be ready to say things the way they are despite the party that feels offended by the truth.
The Republican president Donald Trump campaigned on affirmation to annul and substitute Obamacare; he addressed it as a disaster and an ineffective. Obama has tried not to comment plainly on his successor since his vacation of office on January. Likewise, he maintained that stand on his remarks on Sunday. The vote casted last week in the house is a primary step towards overruling the landmark health care law, as the bill needs to clear the Senate where the Republicans have a smaller majority.
The Democratic Senator Edward Kennedy, a younger brother of John F. Kennedy, has always placed health reform on top of the list, making it a priority. Obama pointed out that there was a reason behind the inability to accomplish the healthcare reforms. It was not easy because it entails a sixth of the economy and all sorts of interests and stakeholders, and as such, it was easily a subject to incorrect information.
The award presented to the former US President Barack Obama has its name originated from Kennedy’s 1957 book outlining the eight U.S. senators who endangered their careers by taking great political stands. The Democrat Kennedy was murdered on the 22nd day of November 1963. The centurial celebration of his birth will be honored on May 29.