Nuclear weapons deal: Obama pays tribute to “historical progress” with Iran

Barack Obama sees the agreement with Iran as success of strong diplomacy. Tehran will have a nuclear bomb in his hands, said the US President. But he stressed: there are further differences.

US President Barack Obama has paid tribute to the implementation of the nuclear agreement by Iran and the mutual exchange of prisoners. “Nuclear deal into force, U.S. families reunited: we have made historic progress”, he said in a televised speech from the White House.

The International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA had confirmed on Saturday that Iran has massively reduced its nuclear program — thus, the way to the lifting of international economic sanctions against Tehran was free.

Iran can export now include oil and gas to the EU and regains access to the international financial market. Companies from the West may again do business with Tehran. (To the new conditions read more here.)

Obama stressed, however, that differences between Washington and Tehran remained even after implementation of the nuclear agreement. Sanctions for Iran’s ballistic missile program would be strictly applied.

In fact, the United States communicated that there would be new sanctions against 11 persons or companies because of the ballistic missile program.