Motion for Mistrial filed by Menendez in corruption case

A motion was filed on Sunday by the lawyers representing Sen. Bob Menendez on Sunday in a bid to declare a mistrial on the charges of corruption, Politico stated.

Threats were repeatedly made by the lawyers representing Menendez and Melgen, to file a motion for mistrial on Thursday during the hearing with Judge William.

On Sunday in their filing, from the statements of the lawyers, Walls had hindered them from bringing in their key evidence in the case, as well as stopping the testimonies of two witnesses.

‘Finally, the concerns of the defendants are substantiated by the closing words of the court: ‘Life and Judicial discretion are not fair’ regardless of the light-weight words of the court, judicial discretion must be employed with understanding, it was shared that the rulings of the court in strategic points of the trial had been partial, inconsistent and deviating from law’ the lawyers shared in their report, Politico stated.

Tales of corruption

Bribery charges are being faced by both Menendez and Melgen in this case.

Arguments are being made by the Federal prosecutors that Menendez had employed his influence in assisting Melgen. And as a return, Melgen gave huge sums of money to Menendez. It was alleged that he even donated to his campaigns.