Miami reverses its sanctuary policies – Trump administration will not treat Miami as sanctuary city anymore

Carlos Gimenez, the Miami-Dade County Mayor, learned from The Department of Justice that the town is eligible to receive grants due to its compliance with the immigration requirements. This was disclosed in a letter sent to Gimenez on Friday.

According to the Acting Assistant Attorney General, Alan Hanson, the Miami-Dade County is eligible for the grant in line with the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assitance Grant Program.

Is Miami-Dade County not eligible for the grants?

Last month, the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions said that the Feds is holding back those grants pending the compliance of the acclaimed sanctuary cities with the immigration requirements by the federal government.

As contained in a memo passed to the Miami Board of County Commissioners, Gimenez stated that Miami-Dade County would get a JAG grant of $481,347 due to its compliance with the demands by the federal government.

Miami-Dade stands out as the only county that has altered its sanctuary policies. However, Gimenez was abused for such decision to reverse the county’s sanctuary policies that have been in existence since 2013. Gimenez changed Miami-Dade sanctuary policies in February.

While the reversal of the sanctuary policies may seem to be justified by the fear of not facing Trump’s retaliation, no persistent sanctuary city has ever lost its due funding despite the warnings by Jeff Sessions.

Chicago sued the federal government on Monday over its threat to hold back the JAG grants meant for their county. The lawsuit has it that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainers go against the law and the communities they guide.