Merkel’s refugee deal with Turkey: your success, your responsibility

Angela Merkel can celebrate their success the EU refugee agreement with Turkey. But now the real challenge begins: the Chancellor has the responsibility for ensuring that the deal really works.

No, you can not say that Angela Merkel become much clearer after the EU Summit in Brussels. The agreement with Turkey was an important signal to the refugees, the Chancellor says. All those who come illegally to Europe via the Aegean Sea be sent back to Turkey: “who embarks on this dangerous way, risking not only his life, but has no prospect of success.”

As of Sunday, the Aegean sea route is blocked. Or better: to be blocked. CSU Chief Horst Seehofer, who repeatedly demanded clear text in the refugee crisis by the Chancellor, should just hear the recording of Merkel’s press conference. Even he should have because to expose something. At the Summit, Europe was United in defence of refugees. And not only made with Merkel, the Chancellor was at the forefront of the movement.
The deal which is EU with the Turks: Every refugee who arrives Sunday on the Greek Islands, must expect to be returned to Turkey. For every Syrian, who is among them, Europeans will record a Syrian refugee from Turkey in return.

The merit of the Chancellor

So the business model of the smugglers to, be destroyed that is the hope. Quite possible that succeed. With all the expected side effects: Decreases the pressure on Greece, the Balkan route remains orphaned and eventually ended the internal controls at the borders, Schengen lives.

It is the deal wanted Merkel, and that while all 28 countries participate, is the merit of the German Chancellor. Almost single-handedly Merkel has bet in the past few weeks, to resolve the refugee crisis with the help of Turkey. On paper, it has the deal she sought (with smears). Now, she is also responsible for it would work.