Merkel in the refugee crisis: Looking for plan b.

“Just shut”: in the CDU’s going here in the refugee dispute. Chancellor Merkel must keep together the ranks — also to tinker in an alternative scenario.

This time it was exactly opposite. This time, critics of Chancellor itself became the target of criticism. It is a significant scene that will be remembered.

And that went like this: Monday morning, CDU Executive Committee, Berlin. The Deputy party leader Julia Klöckner present opponents by Merkel’s refugee policy of open borders is a tip: “just shut.” And Volker Kauder, the parliamentary group leader, a critic of the economic wing out picks itself: as a politician who should take care of also again some more economic issues.

Klöckner and Kauder – they were not the only critics of the critics on this Monday. What took place in the Federal Executive of the CDU, that was notable not only because characterized such top rounds of Christian Democrats so often by polite cultivated boredom.

No, something else was crucial: the obvious desire of the Merkel camp, to come, to work out room in the offensive. The signal to their own people: you pull together, hold course! You should please not every day raises a new question, but rather solve the problems, says a top CDU man from the Merkel camp.