Merkel and the refugee crisis: Repeatedly trouble with Schäuble

A poisoned proposal comes from the Minister of finance, the people rebel, the coalition partner dissatisfaction rises: the pressure on Chancellor Merkel in the refugee crisis grows – soon important elections looming.

Who is in his 11th year as Chancellor, has experienced quite a bit and put away. But even for Angela Merkel the wind should feel icy, against blowing her these days. Even the “Bild am Sonntag”, known not as overly critical of Merkel, asking on its front page: “Merkel is still the right?”

The Chancellor is deeper in the refugee crisis than ever before.

CDU Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble does so, as it would bolster its Chair, but at the same time again speaks of “Avalanche” – and enlargement with the proposal of a gasoline solos. New open criticism, which is carried out by some politicians from his own party not less harshly however comes from the CSU.

Even the SPD, so far reliable partner for the Chancellor on the refugee issue, calls for more hardness of Merkel. Because the numbers of people fleeing after Germany remains high even in winter – and at the same time efforts are not progressing European solutions. And then there still the three regional elections in mid-March are: you are likely to worry the Chancellor.