Mayor goes to Facebook and resigns after only a month

On Wednesday, the troubled chairman of Corpus Christi, Texas, Dan McQueen surrendered suddenly through his post by means of a Facebook status, after inquiries regarding his instructive history started to cast his resume into uncertainty and a few online posts that had soured his association with individual political and business pioneers in the city.

McQueen posted this declaration on Facebook: “Consider this my resignation. I resign immediately. The city can no longer deal with such differing views and divisiveness. I step down from my position as Mayor, in order to allow the council and city to regain focus on success. Sorry, they are now into my ex-wives and kids. Nothing good will come from that mess.”

McQueen then seemed to erase his Twitter account Wednesday. He additionally presented his abdication letter in keeping in touch with the city secretary. City Councilwoman Carolyn Vaughn said that she supported McQueen’s acquiescence. “It’s for the better of the city that he did that. I believe it’s the best for the city that we move on. You can’t come back from something like that when you criticize the staff, the media and the city. You can’t lead like that. I know I wasn’t going to follow”, said Vaughn.

McQueen had keep running for leader in 2014 yet lost to Nelda Martinez assembling under 14 percent of the vote. He then removed Martinez in a decision last November and was confirmed the next month promising to restore the city.

Be that as it may, McQueen additionally took to Facebook to censure the media for making inquiries about his instruction, and to rail against kindred committee individuals who he said were uneducated and just had secondary school degrees. A few have headed off to college. Hours before he surrendered, he went head to head in a meeting in which he safeguarded his training and his remarks about his kindred committee individuals. Vaughn will lead the gathering as chairman expert tem until an interval leader is named, likely Tuesday.