Margot Käßmann via Brussels: “Terrorists meet with love”

The theologian Margot Käßmann advocates not to react with violence and hatred on acts of terrorism such as in Brussels. The State must protect its citizens — must do but at the expense of open society.

The former Margot Käßmann of President of the EKD Council has invited to answer terrorist violence with retaliatory.

“Jesus has left a challenge: love your enemies!” Pray for those who persecute you! “, said Käßmann, the”Bild on Sunday”. “This is the biggest provocation for terrorists who believe that that may kill people in the name of God. We should try to counter the terrorists with prayer and love.”

Although it was the human instinct to take revenge so Käßmann, “but the challenge is not to respond with hatred. The greatest figures in history are not Stalin, Hitler or Pol Pot, but Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi, or Aung San Suu Kyi, which have not responded with violence. As a Christian, I’m firmly convinced that whoever breaks the cycle of violence, at the end, it is the more powerful. Jesus has been memorable, because he died on the cross and not attack to the sword.”

At the same time, Käßmann warned against abandoning the values of open society in the fight against terror. “Yes, the State needs its to protect citizens”, Käßmann said. “But what we have achieved in Europe of freedom, that the State not by terrorists should permit limit.”
She pleaded for it to not be intimidated by terror. “We should go now on the street, dancing, sit in the Cafés and cancel football games” Käßmann said. “So we show the terrorists: we let you make us do not fear!” Let us not take our freedom.”