How did Boris Johnson make Theresa May cringe?

Foreign secretary Boris Johnson left Prime Minister Theresa May with her head in her hands after promising to make Brexit a “Titanic success”.
As soon as the words were out of the gaffe-prone Mr Johnson’s mouth, fellow Tory George Osborne reminded him that “the Titanic sank”.
Mrs May was left with her head in her hands at the slip-up.
But she went on to get her own back for any embarrassment by comparing Mr Johnson to a dog which could be put down by its master.
The barbed comments were made as former Chancellor Mr Osborne, who was removed from the cabinet by Mrs May, presented the Prime Minister with the Politician of the Year prize at the annual Spectator Awards.
Mrs May, who has often been seen as a staid figure, although a safe pair of hands, showed a playful side when she arrived on stage dressed in high visibility gear.
She was poking fun at the look which Mr Osborne was often seen donned in during his time as Chancellor as he was keen to show that Britain was building and investing, as he visited construction sites across the country.
Mrs May and Mr Osborne were often said not to have seen eye to eye with each other while David Cameron held the top job.
The two regularly argued about her wish to prevent mass immigration.
Mr Osborne was soon removed from his position as Chancellor when Mrs May took the country’s top job.
Presenting the award, he joked: “There won’t be much time for chit chat, a bit like when Theresa and I last spoke.”
But, arguably, Mr Johnson ended up with the most laughs of the night, albeit not deliberately.
While he is understood to have been trying to indicate that he would make sure Brexit was a big success, he unwittingly compared Britain’s divorce from Europe to the 1912 sinking of the Titanic after it hit an iceberg.
The Foreign Secretary said: “Brexit means Brexit and we’re going to make a Titanic, colossal success of it.”
That comment was immediately met with cries of “it sank” by members of the audience.
It’s not the first time that Mr Johnson has made gaffes. Recently, during a visit to Japan, for example, he managed to flatten a 10-year-old school boy when he was invited to take part in a game of rugby.