Exceeded thrust into the refugee policy

Until now, they went up poll numbers for Julia Klöckner only after. But the quarrel in the refugee debate brings the Rhineland-Palatinate CDU candidate in distress – as also the “A2″plan will not help her.

Julia Klöckner is on contrasts. She come in bright red costume to the Carnival to Trier, then it will appear in the discreet beige pantsuit for ladies lunch. She speaks in the Rheinhessen wine-growing association or the potato production Kuhn in Frankenthal.

Until recently, it seemed to match the beautiful pictures and the smiling CDU candidate. Everything looked after as the 43-year-old would on March 13th win the elections in Rhineland-Palatinate and as Prime Minister accept the State Chancellery in Mainz, probably at the head of a grand coalition.

But now weakens their party. The CDU in a survey of the research group elections has lost three percentage points. Although exceeded party is still 38 percent and well ahead of the SPD Minister-President Malu Dreyer (31 percent). But the slump for Klöckner and her team must be a first sign of alarm. Dreyer could catch up – for a long time, Klöckner is the values of competence and personal popularity far behind the Commissioner by the SPD.

In addition the danger from the right for Klöckner: AfD, who played no significant role in the Rhineland-Palatinate until a few months ago, is in the most recent survey of nine percent, she also increasingly attracts voters from the CDU environment. Although the indentation would give an advantage to the AfD Klöckner and red-green, but it would probably be a poisoned success. Since the refugee crisis, not least, the disunity of the Union gives further lift the right-wing populists.