EU-Turkey agreement: Waiting for the “bombshell”

The deal between the EU and Turkey is still working in power, little. The staff is missing on the Greek Islands, hundreds of refugees arrive every day. Is it a risk for the entire agreement?

Angela Merkel seemed to have sensed it. ‘No illusions’ make them himself, of course would be the now approved plan “also setbacks be associated with”. The Chancellor said on Friday, after the heads of State and Government of the EU with Turkey had adopted the plan to cope with the refugee crisis.

First setbacks are already on the Greek Islands: the hasty implementation of the agreement ensures there obviously chaos. Only a fraction of the necessary staff is on-site, while still hundreds of refugees per day over the Aegean Sea.

The current situation requires an “urgent response”, the spokesman of the national crisis management for the refugee crisis in Greece, Giorgos Kyritsis complained. But the reinforcements from other EU States had failed to materialize so far. A “Herculean task” was the implementation of the EU Turkey agreement, EU Commission Chief Jean-Claude Juncker admits.

Specifically, the agreement between Ankara and the EU among others foresees the following points:

All migrants who arrive irregularly on the Greek Islands, must be brought back to Turkey.
An other Syrians on legal road to the EU come for any Syrians among them. This resettlement in the EU will begin on April 4. Up to 72,000 people are to be exchanged in this way.

The repatriation to Turkey could begin according to the European Commission on 28 March. So long, Greece need at least to Turkey as a safe third country to recognize and legally allow deportations. However must be – then each individual migrant registered and his application for asylum processed a procedure that takes several days to complete, even if enough official representatives on the spot.