EU Summit to United Kingdom: the lie of life by the great Europe

At their Summit, the EU wants to hold the British by an exit from the EU. A radical restriction of the Union on a few core countries would be consistent.

The President chose dramatic words. Europe faces “The biggest challenge for all of us”. It involves the unity of the Union: “Be or not to be”, that is the question that instead for the cohesion of the continent, now Donald Tusk recently wrote in a letter to the EU Heads of State and heads of Government. Actually, the President of the European Council is not just as a friend of theatrical performances. That tusk now Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ recalls, shows how seriously he considers the situation.

Thursday and Friday of this week the leaders of the 28 Member States at the EU Summit in Brussels to establish the conditions that the British in the Union remain. Prime Minister David Cameron has announced a referendum on the island, which will take place in the summer. At the same time, he but negotiated a new deal between the Kingdom and the rest of the EU, to hold to his countrymen, but by the vote of the outlet. The Prime Minister has negotiated a few concessions. They don’t go far enough in United Kingdom.

Should the British actually vote for the Brexit, this could be the beginning of the end of the European Union in its present form. Because people in the UK are using their anti-EU attitudes far from alone: polls show that there are majorities for an exit from the EU in other countries; that many citizens see Europe develop in the wrong direction; that confidence in the EU now also in Germany and France is just as weak as in the UK.