EU Green Keller: “I’m ashamed of myself for Europe”

The Green politician Keller for the refugee compromise with Turkey warns of volatile conflicts. “This deal is an achievement for anyone, he will cause huge problems. He is hardly feasible in practice and joins human rights underfoot. “We cannot expect Turkey to solve our problems in the refugee question. The EU must find itself answers, and fast.”

The refugee Pact of the EU with Turkey has been in force since the weekend. The compromise is to significantly reduce the number of refugees in the EU. The agreement stipulates that all refugees who illegally translate March 20 from Turkey to Greece from the date, beginning in April will be forcibly returned to Turkey.
Previously, however, the people have the right to an individual assessment in Greece. Only, who can prove that he is persecuted in Turkey, must remain.

Also the relocation of up to 72,000 Syrian civil war refugees from Turkey to Europe to begin after April 4.

“Absolutely unclear”

The 34-year old green-politician criticized that many questions are open. “It is absolutely unclear how 72,000 Syrian civil war refugees in Europe to be distributed. Because the resettlement is voluntary. “And those who are already here or can not be returned, stuck in Greece,” she said.

The deal with Turkey was not a European solution. “In fact we put all the Greeks and leave them with the situation alone. That Germany will send 100 asylum officials, is almost ridiculous in this context. I’m ashamed of myself completely for Europe.”

The MEPs currently travels through Greece, on Sunday, she visited the refugee camp. “The refugee camps in some developing countries are more tolerable than what I’ve seen here, the situation is just crazy,” she said. Keller disagreed with reports that were sufficiently fortified residential capacity for refugees at the disposal. “Also in the newly built camps of the space is not sufficient.”