EU Disintegration After Italy Prompts Wave of Prime Minister Resignations

Since Italy’s referendum that voted “No,” resulting in PM Matteo Renzi’s resignation after only 2 years and a half in office, a striking domino effect has rippled all across Europe.

It is reasonable to say that the degradation of Europe had begun with Britain’s vote for leaving the European Union months ago, as the Italian foreign ministry has state.

Europe’s Downfall

A supporter of soon to be ex-Italian PM, Sandro Gozi remarked by saying that “It is up to the other 27 governments to re-launch Europe. That was our policy, that was our goal as the Renzi government. It is clear that now Europe loses a major political actor to its relaunch.”

He cautioned that ever since the vote on the referendum came out, Italy may very well be deemed to face a somewhat versatile and phase of unrest for quite some time.

Mr. Gozi stated that Brexit and the negative results of the Italian referendum has debilitated the European Union.

Daniel Caprera is on the same page for the matter and quoted that “There is already a crisis in the EU, there is no denial on that. This current Europe system doesn’t meet the European people’s need.”

Caprera argued that an immediate restructuring of the system is essential, as the Euro is currently a struggle that Italy is undergoing, and not to mention that the centre-left Democratic Party minister’s startling statement that Italians have dismissed a chance for salvaging the European Union.

Caprera added to the matter that “There were so many promises made by the old politics which people believed. I think the Euro is damaging the Italian economy.”

Referendum and Citizen Voices

This referendum would have served as the first time the citizens voices would be heard about the Euro conflict, and thus served as a possible pillar for the European Union.

The referendum mirrors similar votes in other nations, such as the United Kingdom’s Brexit vote to leave or remain in the EU.