DreamHost Set US Department Of Justice Over Data Of Protesters

A United State network provider is battling with the authorities over its request for it to release information of millions of advocates.

The Department of Justice (DoJ) is asking for the clients IP addresses – about 1.3 million – from a web platform that assist co-ordinated the protest rally on the very day of President Trump’s inauguration.

DreamHost is presently declining to adhere with the demand and will be in court this month

It is not certain why it is requesting for the internet protocol addresses of users who log into the site disruptj20.org, which coordinated a rally against the US President on 20 January – The exact day of his inauguration ceremony.

“The web platform was used in the planning, advancement, organization, advertisement of a destructive protest which took place in Washington DC on January 20, 2017,” it addresses its act to the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, that wanted to compel DreamHost to release visitors information.

Unknown Client Behind Investigation

It proposed that “a specific client” was the main reason of the authorization, but refuses to reveal its reason for requesting so many details on various visitors.

Also relating to the IP addresses, DreamHost disclosed that the Department of Justice demanded the contact details, photos and email content of “thousands of clients”.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Civil Liberties group which is assisting DreamHost in fighting this issue, said: “No reasonable definition exists for a search authorization of this extent, but only to start a digital manhunt as widely as possible.”
The hearing of the case has been scheduled for the 18th August.