Dispute over ground troops: Russia’s premier warns of “World War” because Syria

Russian Prime Minister Medwedew has warned Arab ground forces of the US-led coalition in Syria. Negotiations are better than “trigger” a new world war.

Pithy statements by Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitrij Medwedew prior to the Munich Security Conference, which is the weekend mainly to the war in Syria: he warned in an interview the U.S.-led coalition in the fight against the ‘Islamic State‘ (IS) strongly against the deployment of ground troops.

All sides would have to “be forced, taking place at the negotiating table, instead of throwing a new world war“, Medvedev said the “Handelsblatt”.

Russia bombed the opponents of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria since September and massively supported the advance of government troops on Aleppo. The Assad-foes Saudi Arabia and U.A.E. had recently offered to send soldiers under US leadership in Syria.

But Medvedev warns: “the Americans and our Arab partners must think about well it: they want a permanent war?” A faster victory was not possible “especially in the Arab world – all against all fighting”, the newspaper quoted him further. Instead the United States and Russia would have to exert pressure on all sides, to achieve a negotiated solution in Syria.

On Thursday evening, the Syria – based contact group came together in Munich, to find a new path to peace after the postponement of the Geneva talks. Medvedev leads the Russian delegation at the Munich Security Conference at the weekend.