Could Europe soon have its first Far Right leader since the Second World War?

Freedom Party (FPO) member Norbert Hofer could soon be the first Far Right president to be elected since World War Two. If he wins, it will be the latest in a series of political shocks across the world, including Britain’s decision to leave Europe, and the election of Donald Trump in Ameria.

Despite fears over his policies, supporters of the Austrian presidential wannabe says he will prove that he is not a Nazi if he comes to power. Currently, pollsters say the outcome of the election is simply too close to call.

Mr Hofer’s party first became prominent at the turn of the millenium when Joerg Haider managed to push the Freedom Party foward into a coalition government in Austria. One of his colleagues, Andreas Rabl, 44, has already secured the mayorship in the city of Wels.


The mayor is pushing his own campaign forward on policies including an intense programme of German language training across all schools in Austria. All schools and nurseries funded by the state will also be compelled to celebrate Christian festivals.

Now he has spoken out in defence of Mr Hofer, saying that the policies of the presidential hopeful are a far cry from those of the Nazi party. He said that while there was a constant message about how the FPO was akin to the Nazis and would bring in a new period of facism, he said that Mr Hofner would prove he was not a Nazi if the Austrian people elected him.

The major said: “The foreign report about radicalism and the far-right in Austria, I hear that all of the time. I ask myself, what are they talking about? New facism? I do not see it. Mr Hofer as president would have the opportunity to correct this view. We are a normal right-wing party, correct, but we are a far cry from the Nazi party.”