British to Cameron’s EU reform: “steaming pile of crap”

David Cameron is enormously under pressure: his EU reform plan not even convinced his own party, doubts prevail in other States. The British Prime Minister promised too much?

The morning newspaper was little encouraging for David Cameron this Wednesday. “Farce”, “A joke” and “Delusion” were still the more friendly terms of British media for the reform proposals, the British Prime Minister had negotiated with EU Council President Donald Tusk and the President of the EU Commission Jean-Claude Juncker. In the Conservative tabloid “Sun” was of a “steaming pile shit” speech.

Although not surprisingly were the negative reactions of the tabloids and notorious EU opponents. But even the few more pro-European set media question whether Cameron can sell the deal with Brussels in the home as a success.

The “guardian” about listed all of those promises, the Prime Minister has made in recent years to EU reforms and concludes that “only a handful” of them reflected in the compromise proposal. The “financial times” sees Cameron “before a battle” when trying to get the deal of his own party.

In Cameron’s Cabinet, there is resistance: five Ministers are willing to advertise publicly for the Brexit said the former Defense Minister, Liam Fox, itself one of the EU opponents among the conservative. Seven more department heads should be according to “Telegraph” still undecided.