Ballot “world” Editor: AfD Deputy Gau country regrets Günther Lachmann

“The world” announced its editor Günther Lachmann because he had served the AfD as a consultant. Made public that had AfD politician Marcus Pretzell. For this AfD Vice Chief Gaddies rebukes him now.

The case of the ousted “world” journalist Günther Lachmann remains a subject of dispute in the leadership of the AfD. “World” Editor in Chief and Publisher Stefan Aust announced yesterday till release, because he had served on to the AfD as a consultant, while at the same time covering the party. Aust told SPIEGEL ONLINE about the case: “as long as we can prove no dishonest conduct to employees, we stand behind them, if there is other information, we will separate us from them.”

The advances of the journalist Marcus Pretzell, life companion by AfD Chief Frauke Petry and regional Chairman of the AfD of North Rhine-Westphalia had publicly made. Pretzell commented on Twitter till by Aust announced dismissal with a short entry: “fast and correct decision.”

A journalists “professional destroyed”

AfD Deputy Chief Alexander Gaddies criticized the procedure of Pretzells in the Lachmann. Petrys life companion have talked about “confidential discussions” in public and “professionally destroyed, a journalist for” Gau land said of the dpa.

Jörg Meuthen, would have disapproved this together with Petry co – leader of the AfD, and Gau country self: “This is not our policy.” Gau country stressed at the same time that it involves a dispute between Pretzell and Lachmann: “This AfD none of your business.”