Attacks in Brussels: Europe’s failure in the fight against terrorism

It starts with this, that you cannot agree in Europe over the terms. France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls says for example after the terrorist attacks Brussels: “We are at war.” War – this is the French language since the attacks in Paris by November.

The German Chancellor wants to not join. “Each one chooses his words,” says her spokesman. Is important, however, that Europeans encountered together terrorism – “and this determination is clear to feel these days.”
That’s right overlooking the common grief and solidarity with the Belgium’s EU partners. But with the common fight against terrorism, by police, by – not so far is here. Where the question of better cooperation is on the agenda for years.

The attacks of Brussels make it again clear: Europe’s open society must be better protected.

The “Washington Post” comments on Europe’s security policy approach was “shocking dysfunctional”. The European secret services should “her with each other and with the United States joining forces”, Yes, the security architecture of Europe must be ‘re-invented’ are. Is it an exaggeration?

It is clear that it needs more cooperation at European level. It now urges the Government:

“We need to exchange information, which are”, said Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU) overlooking a common database of European investigative authorities in the ZDF, this will makes it difficult but this, that there are “separate data pots”.

Also Justice Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) demanded in the spark Media Group newspapers: “if we want to protect ourselves effectively, we need a good security cooperation in Europe. Existing, which help prevent specific attacks, must share information among all countries.”

Furthermore, especially domestic politician of the Union require building a single – and exit register in Europe along US lines. So far, there is no central electronic system for the collection of non-EU citizens in the EU. For 2012, this is in the conversation.

The claims are not new, about had reminded the European data exchange even before the recent attacks. Only the motion has nothing so far. On Thursday, the topic at the special meeting of EU Interior and Justice Ministers in Brussels should come back to the language.