A Week after the Elections Recap

With everything that has spun from the 2016 president elections results, you would think it has been more than just 7 days. That small period of time has left people depressed, altered the social media platform, evoked protests throughout the country, and left people in shock. There could have been some people that have moved to another country, but I haven’t heard.

One thing people haven’t noticed is Trump. That’s right. Trump hasn’t personally been openly active. His name remains in the news, like this article, but he isn’t out creating a lot of ruckus. He does stay active on Twitter, but he hasn’t even done that as much as during the campaign. I guess he got what he needed. It’s a little over two months to go, before everything is official. Will this be the last joyful Christmas? That had to pass through some people’s minds. The biggest question is what will things be like, after he officially takes the position?

Will he keep his promises?

Like any president, Trump gave us a list of all things that we want to hear. Sell the product. Now, let’s see if we’ll get all of the features. After meeting with Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, Trump said, “We’re going to look very strongly on immigration, health care, and we’re looking at jobs, big league jobs.” Sources are saying those policies are most likely going change, at least a little bit. One thing the president-elect is definitely sticking to is his vision of building that “make America great again” wall. He even shared this on his recent interview with 60 Minutes, “For certain areas, I would [build a fence], but certain areas, a wall is more appropriate.” Trump was touching on using a fence as an alternative to building a wall, in areas that would be easier with a fence.