A Final Tribute To The Troops From Barack Obama

Barack Obama had done what no other person of color had done before, he beats all odds to become the first black president of the great United States of America. Serving two terms steering the US economy from one of the greatest recession that the country had ever experienced, he eventually managed to change the course that the country was headed on and turn the economy back on a prosperous pathway.

Under his watchful eyes he had signed off on many military expeditions around the world, now he pays tribute to the men and women who relinquished their families and friends to serve and protect the nation and its interest abroad. As we know, there are thousands of young Americans who have dedicated their lives and time to the USA armed forces.

There was a tinge of wistfulness as Obama went by U.S. troops on Christmas for the last time, and some seriousness, as well. This Christmas Eve, the president took time out to call troops who are stationed overseas and praised them for their dedicated services, oftentimes in perilous and inhumane situations.

But as intense as his presidency was, Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama made it customary to visit the Marine Corps Base in Hawaii each Christmas while on vacation in his birthplace of Hawaii. A couple hundred troops sat around tables with their families and listened to President Obama’s speech while they enjoyed a spirited Christmas dinner.

Obama ran for president eight years ago as a rival of the war in Iraq. After winning the US election in 2008, he acquired two wars with clashes Iraq and Afghanistan. In spite the fact, that he announced the end of the U.S. battle missions in both nations and radically drew down U.S.A. association in those contentions. Approximately 8,400 troops stayed in Afghanistan and 5,000 in Iraq to help maintain peace and help rebuild the country after the death of Saddam Hussein, Iraq’s fifth President who was also a heartless dictator.