Trump chicken: a big inflatable chicken looking like president Trump spotted close to the White House

It was a surprise to many, as they saw the pictures taken in the White House showing a white blob on its background. The pictures taken on Wednesday show a big inflatable rooster that looks like President Trump.

The new scenery addition was done by Taran Singh Brar, a documentary filmmaker who said in the US that he mounted the 30-foot chicken balloon in the south of the White house. Brar said that he wanted to use it to draw attention to what he sees as Trump’s inefficiency and weakness. He accused president Trump of playing chicken with the opposing North Korea.

Brar claims to have permit for his installations

Brar says he got all the needed permits for installing the giant balloon chicken from the National Parks Service and the Secret service. According to USA Today, the ‘Trump chicken’ was first seen so high at a mall in the capital of Shanxi province, Taiyuan late last year; the Trump Chicken was designed by Casey Latiolais, a Seattle-based artist. The design was created to be significant to Chinese New Year by honoring the Rooster – this year’s animal incarnation.

Inflatable limitations like the design by Brar came to be on Taobao, a Chinese online shopping platform. At Taobao, Trump chicken ballons are up for sale, ranging from six to over 33 feet tall ballons available for at $75 to $750. Brar indicated that he purchased the 30-foot chicken don for $1,300.