The Pentagon invites the Congress to mobilize $ 416 million for missile defence

The Pentagon wants to mobilize $ 416 million from other defence accounts to pay “outbreak defence improvements” in progressively aggressive North Korea, according to several reports.

In the rescheduled request signed by Pentagon controller David Norquist on September 7, the Defence Ministry calls on unused, most of the $ 330 million in military operations and maintenance of 2017 funds, reports

State Sullivan uses the proposal, which adds $ 136 million to lift cargo presidents from forty four to sixty four, creating twenty new silos in Fort Greely, Alaska.

Effort is part of the Midcourse defence, which Sullivan strongly defended in the Senate

Sullivan, who together with the rest of the Armed Services Committee Senate received a closed session in North Korea on Thursday, said the anti-missile defence had strong double support for all the more unpredictable behaviour of Pyongyang.

“The president and the administration are also focused on it. The threat is very obvious … people are willing to spend on it and provide additional capacity,” he said.

North Korea still has no technology to reach the Western Rocky Coast, but Sullivan has called on its board members to prepare for a ballistic missile capable of reaching the United States.

However, representative of Adam Smith (Washington), House of Representatives House, said the mobilization of money from military accounts was sacrificed for preparation, the defence reported.

“Mr. Smith is seriously concerned about this short-term preparatory cash and to bring it into anti-missile defence programs that will not have any impact by 2020,” the spokesman Smith said.

Meanwhile, President Trump was the Lord of the Rocket for Missile Defence. In a speech in August, Trump said his administration would increase spending on billions of dollars for North Korea and other reasons against the missile.