The Hype around the Digital Glasses

Right now, it is nearly impossible to get a pair of the ‘hot’ Snapchat Spectacles; especially if you want them at the regular retail price ($130). The ones that you find are usually from scalpers that have purchased every pair of the hi-tech glasses, then sell them for insane prices. They’re normally on eBay and Craigslist, going for $750 to $2,000; nearly six times the value or more.

If you are not one of the people willing to pay an insane price, you might be the one that is painfully attempting to find the product for the actual price. With limited outlets to purchase the glasses and the infamous vending machines that appear and leave, you may feel almost forced to pay nearly ten times the retail sticker. People will be questioning the reason that someone would be willing to pay $2,000 for a pair of the Snapchat’s Spectacles, but some people don’t know or have forgotten about the infamous glasses that Google released in 2012.

The Google Glass had an “Explorer Edition” of the shades that cost $1,500 (retail, not scalper value). When these were released, they too had a waiting list. This was more of a prestigious honor, where your glasses was engraved with the number buyer you were. This eventually led to the infamous title, ‘Glassholes’, which was created by Startup L. Jackson. Jackson released a tweet that said: “Even people who never saw Google Glass in person had plenty of opportunity to reject Glassholes on the internet. Sites like ‘White Guys Wearing Google Glass’ sprang up to point fun.”

Afterwards, a tech blogger by the name of Robert Scoble released his own infamous message with a shower photo. Some people have asked what the difference with Snapchat’s glasses is. Most say that it is the price. A real price tag of $130 makes it easily accessible for the younger generation.