In Pennsylvania, two police officers were responding to a call, this morning, about a domestic dispute. When the officers arrived, an unknown man ambushed and shot both officers, killing one and wounding the second one.

Around 12 noon, the man suspected in the shooting was found dead. There was an unknown woman that was lying dead, along with the man. While officials investigate the deaths, no information of the man or woman have been release. It was reported by the police that the man had died from a self-inflicted wound. It is believed that the man was responsible for the death of veteran officer Scott Bashioum, which took place at the home. 52-year old Bashioum was a seven-year veteran with the police force. His partner that was wounded is currently in stable condition, following surgery at a hospital in Pittsburgh. As of now, no information has been released on the officer that was wounded.

At approximately 3:15 a.m., the police were responding to the call. Melinda Bondarenka, a trooper for police force stated that the officers unknowingly walked into gunfire as they approached the scene. The unknown woman that was found dead is believed to be the woman that lived at the home and the one that called the police about the domestic dispute. Police are working to determine the relationship between to the two people found dead.

It has been reported by the police that there is no continuing threat against the public. At the home, where the shooting took place, neighbors informed reporters that there were a number of fights reported. This would often lead to police being called to the scene. A woman that was living at the home placed a protection-from-abuse court order. When the police asked the defense attorney of the alleged gunman, the attorney confirmed that the court order was placed.