Scratchcard winner scoops 163 million euros

A lucky scratchcard buyer in Italy has won a staggering 163 million euros in one of the biggest every lottery payouts for a single ticket.
The SuperEnalotto player paid out just 3 euros for the scratchcard, which turned out to be the second biggest prize ever won on the game.
From the Vibo Valentia region in Sicily, the winner had the lucky numbers 3, 12, 23, 71, 76, 83, 56 and 35.
The owner of the newsagent where the winning ticket was bought said he believed it was a joke at first until he realised that the 163 million euro ticket really had been purchased in his shop. He said he had not heard from the winning ticket holder, but he hoped that he would remember where he bought his ticket.
So far, the winner of the ticket has remained anonymous.
The winner of this ticket has a way to go though to beat the world’s biggest ever payout for a single ticket. In 2013, 84-year-old Gloria Mackenzie scooped $590.5 million.
This latest lucky Italian has won a major prize a few years after a fellow countryman scooped £130 million to win what was then Europe’s biggest ever jackpot.
Ugo Verni, bought his ticket in a bar in the medieval Tuscan village of Bagnone, winning 147 million euros. Immediately, the little hilltop town was abuzz with news of the win, with locals buying up bottles of Prosecco in celebration.
It remains to be seen what the latest lucky winner will do to celebrate his good fortune and what he will buy with his winnings, but he could probably buy a hilltop village of his own if he chose to.
The SuperEnalotto lottery was first launched in Italy on December 3, 1997. Lottery draws in the game take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 8pm.
The jackpots on offer tend to be some of the largest anywhere in the world, while the odds of winning are some of the lowest anywhere across the globe. While other lotteries, including the British Lotto, have come under fire for increasing the odds of winning by adding extra numbers up until the 50s, rather than the 40s, the Italian lottery still offers good odds of scooping a prize.
This latest win is likely to provoke a spur of ticket purchases from people hoping it will be their turn to win next.