Plymouth man fined in the wake of gulping goldfish at funfair

A man has been fined after a court heard he gulped a goldfish in an “awful demonstration of cold-bloodedness” at a funfair.

Alexander Mackey, 21, from Plymouth, conceded creating superfluous enduring to a goldfish by gulping it.

The fish was won in a diversion last October at the Goose Fair in Tavistock, Devon by one of Mackey’s companions, Plymouth Crown Court was told.

A couple days after the fact a video was posted on a companion’s Facebook account and a protest was made to the RSPCA.

Fish ‘endured torment’

Mackey was requested to pay a fine and expenses totalling £752 for the wrongdoing.

The RSPCA authorized a vet’s report which it said affirmed the fish kicked the bucket in his stomach as an aftereffect of an absence of oxygen and would have endured a ton of torment.

The court heard that Mackey had tipsy no less than eight jars of ale before and amid the reasonable.

Lindi Meyer, speaking to the RSPCA, said: “The litigant opened his mouth and dropped the fish in, gulping down it. He opened his mouth to demonstrate it was not there.

“He said he knew about the footage on Facebook and when inquired as to whether he suspected that was worthy he said ‘No’.

“He said it didn’t enter his thoughts at the time and he would not have done it in the event that he was calm and he was sad.”