Muslim Woman Assaulted by Men Shouting ‘Donald Trump’ Aboard NYC Train

Police in New York City are still searching for three men who taunted a veiled Muslim woman, Yasmine Seweid, 18, aboard a northbound #6 train in Manhattan Thursday evening.


The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the incident which saw the men follow the woman onto a train, saying, “You don’t belong here,” calling her veil a “rag” and attempting to pull it off her head.


The incident began on the northbound platform of the #6 train, when the men began taunting the woman, yelling “Donald Trump” towards her direction.


After boarding the train, the men continued to harass the woman, pulling at her purse for attention.


As the train pulled into the Grand Central station, the men pulled her hijab partially off and called her a terrorist, before she got off the train and reported the incident to a nearby police officer.


It is believed that the three men, described as being in their early 20s, around 5’10” and clean-shaven, were intoxicated during the incident.

The assault pushed the Seweid to tears, but she remains strong, stating: “I’m better. I’m OK. I can’t let it stop my life, one thing. What can you do? It already happened.”


Seweid’s father and brother expressed concern and fears that the young woman could be harassed again. Their fears are amplified after discovering that no one else on the train intervened or assisted her after seeing she was outnumbered by the trio.


CAIR-NY Director Afaf Nasher commented on the event, stating:


“American Muslims, and particularly men and women who wear religious attire, are being increasingly targeted by hate nationwide in the wake of the Nov. 8 election.


“Our elected leaders and local law enforcement authorities must continue to take strong action to protect Muslims and other minority groups in a period of growing Islamophobia and political division.”


Investigators have not yet made any arrests.