Missing 1-Year-Old Boy Reunited With Mother

A 1-year-old kid who disappeared on Thursday when a man brought a stopped minivan with the kid strapped in an auto seat was discovered safe, however the criminal stayed everywhere, police said.

Caleb Castro gave off an impression of being healthy after the minivan was found with the kid inside around eight miles far from where the vehicle was stolen, police said.

Caleb was in a carseat in the minivan when a man hopped in after 3 p.m. while the kid’s mom was reusing products at the SA Recycling Center, 1545 Gage Road, in Montebello. He didn’t know the infant was in the van.

Capt. Luis Lopez, of the Montebello Police Department, said amid a news gathering that the kid was sheltered with his mom, however that he would have been looked at a healing center to ensure he was not hurt.

Police were searching for the cheat, who communicated in Spanish, and was depicted as 30 years of age with spiked hair.

The man drew closer the stopped vehicle and requested out two young ladies, ages 6 and 4, while their mom ventured away. The keys were in the ignition, so the man began the van and headed out, police said.

The mother shouted that her infant was in the auto, however the man took off south on Gage.