Military plane crashes in Mississippi leaving at least 16 dead

On Monday, there was a crash of a U.S. military plane into a field in local Mississippi, spreading debris for a long distance and leaving about 16 persons dead.

Officials speak on the incident

Frank Randle, the Director for Emergency Management Agency of Leflore County in a briefing, said that 16 bodies had been discovered as a result of the crash of KC-130 in the Mississippi Delta.
The spokeswoman for Marine Corps, Capt. Sarah Burns stated that KC-130 got involved in a mishap on Monday evening, but didn’t provide any talk more on the information. The KC-130 is often used as a tanker for refueling.

More on the incident

According to an eyewitness, Andy Jones, the corkscrewed downwards with a part of its engine smoking; Jones said he was busy at the catfish farm owned by his family when he heard a deafening sound, only to look up and see the plane spinning downward.

Jones said the plane crashed in a soybean field just after some trees, and before he could get to the site alongside others, the plane was already burning heavily. He added that the hit force almost turned the plane into a flat one.

Jones reported that a man took his cell phone to call the authorities to report the bodies littered across the U.S Highway 82, which was over a mile from the site of the incident.

Marcus Banks, the Greenwood Fire Chief told the Greenwood Commonwealth that debris from the crash got scattered over a radius of 8 kilometers approximately. Firefighters attempted to put off the fire but stopped when an explosion occurred. The fire was intense, and the fumes continued over four hours after the crash.

Jones classified the crash as one of the worst fires one can ever imagine. However, officials didn’t disclose the cause of the accident or the departure site of the flight.