Infamous ‘Catwoman’ Attacks Boyfriend Lloyd Klein

Jocelyn Wildenstein, also known as ‘Catwoman’ faces charges of assault as of Wednesday as she allegedly scratched famous fashion designer Lloyd Klein’s face with her manicured nails, poured scorching hot wax on him amidst the altercation, and stabbed her boyfriend Klein twice with a pair of scissors in his chest.

Wildenstein has a reputation for her rather obsessive amounts of past operations of plastic surgery, and at some point was victorious in what is considered as the largest divorce settlement anyone has witnessed.

During the altercation between the couple, Mr. Klein stated that he found no option but to corner Wildenstein into the closet space as protection for himself, at least until the authorities arrive to the scene to charger her for the assault.

Mr. Klein referred to his now ex-girlfriend as a “ticking time bomb.” A friend of the couple stated that Wildenstein is a delightful person, but can throw major fits when she’s in a state of rage.

Cause of the Fight

According to one specific source, it claims that the couple’s fight was triggered when Wildenstein got extremely angry towards Mr. Klein for focusing on what he was doing on his laptop more than her.

Immediately she picked up a candle that was lit and tossed it at him. The clash involved Wildenstein tossing threats towards Klein about killing him.

Klein claims that he never forced or confined Wildenstein inside the closet, stating that she just easily could have left it if she wanted to, but his motive was mainly to calm her nerves by a few notches.

Wildenstein attempted in calling the authorities and others to exclaim that she was being attacked, however when the police arrived, they undoubtedly knew that Mr. Klein had indeed been the only victim in this skirmish.

The ‘catwoman’ was supposed to be facing court tonight under the charges set against her for second degree assault towards Mr. Klein. The couple started dating back in 2003, but as of now it has been officially considered to be over.