EPA tutoring workers how to avoid leaking data

Employees at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are undergoing compulsory classes in line with the effort by Trump administration to end unauthorised information dissemination to press.

According to the sheet issued to employees, enemies of the U.S are not calling their pursuit to get information a quit; they can leverage this information to harm the interest of U.S. Some of the workers were given materials gotten by The Hill, use stark terms to caution about the dangers of leaking information.

Few employees at the EPA handle classified data, but the leadership of the agency is working to ensure its employees don’t give out controlled unclassified information.

Protection of classified information and CUI

Federal contractors, employees and specially assigned personnel, have the sole responsibility to guard classified information and controlled unclassified information from any unauthorised disclosure, as stated by an EPA fact sheet.

Various leadership levels are angered by the leaks across the government, especially president Trump. Employees at the EPA have disclosed policy plans, alleged issues among workers and information about Administrator Scott Pruitt’s actions.

According to Jahan Wilcox, EPA spokesman, it’s ironic that there is an anti-leaking story that emanates from a leaked memo. The materials distributed at the training cover hacks, leaks and espionage with examples of each, pointing out The Washington Post disclosing a highly successful but halted program that made U.S intercept the telephone conversations by Soviet in limousines, 1972.

The acting assistant administrator for resources, Donna Vizian said the unauthorized disclosure of CUI and classified information creates more harm to the nation, compromising the confidence of Americans.

EPA employees were advised to mark delicate information correctly, staying clear from talking around sensitive information, and speaking with supervisors to ascertain who is rightful to see the information.