Driver with car bearing “F—k Trump” sticker threatened by the Sheriff of Texas

A sheriff in Texas who aspires to run for Congress has sparked a firestorm on social media on Wednesday following his threats against a driver whose trunk had a rather bold anti-Trump sticker.

The sticker which was displayed on the back window of his trunk did not leave anything to the imagination as it bore boldly “Fuck Trump and you also for voting him in” and the sticker alongside the inscriptions on it rubbed the sheriff of Fort Bend County the wrong way.

Troy Nehls, who according to the Houston Chronicle is running for Congress, who also is an active Republican took to his page on Facebook and with his posts suggested that a problem might rise from the political message displayed on the truck.

Nehls wrote “I have in a very short while received tons of calls in respect to the truck’s offensive display as it is always noticed along the Farm to Market Road 359. … Information has reached us from our Prosecutor that Disorderly charges are acceptable by her concerning the matter, but I am of the opinion that we could arrive at a more acceptable modification of it.”

The post was subsequently deleted by Nehls, but that was not before it was carefully saved by the American Civil Liberties Union for the sake of posterity. The ACLU also dutifully reminded Nehls that by the constitution, the same one he had sworn to uphold and protect, peaceful, even if they were foul-mouthed protests is within its boundaries of tolerance.

People respond to Nehl’s post

The charged that could be leveled against the truck owner seem to appear dubious as one person responded to the post by Nehls on Facebook.

“If the owner in any way owns up and then submits himself to these incredulous charges, kindly refer me to the fund of his legal defense where can help him shield him from the charges that so obviously motivated by politics” the man commented, as reported by KHOU TV.