Cabinet members hold weekly bible study session

According to the reports by CBN News, members of the Trump’s cabinet gather once every week to study the bible together. Some of the regular attendees are Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, Education Secretary Besty DeVos, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

Speaking to the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), Ralph Drollinger of Capitol Ministries said that the session with these cabinet members is the best he has ever taught. He added that they’re so noble teachable and learned.

White House ministry

As stated in the Capitol Ministries’ site, the sponsors of the bible study include those who attend regularly and the Vice President, Mark Pence. Likewise, the EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and the Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson are among the sponsors of the ministry.

Drollinger further told CBN that Mike Pence respects the office and dresses right. Pence has mapped out plans to participate in the ministry as his program permits. And again, President Trump is invited to the bible study that holds every week to hear the teachings of Drollinger.

Capitol Ministries

Drollinger is the founder of Capitol Ministries; it was founded in 1996 and has grown wide with its bible studies in different foreign and state capitals. Drollinger teaches at the weekly bible study which the cabinet members attend.

Drollinger also disclosed to CBN News that Capitol Ministries have been poised to make disciples of Jesus Christ in the US political arena. And in foreign capitols across the world.

He added that Sessions put to practice in his job, what he learns during the bible study. Drollinger said that Sessions would go out and speak on camera, in line with what he had learned from the bible study.