Boston road sign trick confuses committee

A circular drive road sign is in effect over and again supplanted with an option name by a prankster in an unexplained functional joke.

Fydell Court in Boston, Lincolnshire, has had its sign expelled and supplanted twice – with the new sign perusing “Hatchers Walk”.

The sham metal sign looks bona fide, however has confused Boston Borough Council.

A representative said it was illicit to supplant road signs and it could bring about issues for crisis administrations.

“You can’t simply rename a road,” he included. Councilor Stephen Woodliffe said it costs the board £100 to supplant the sign every time, and was “squandering individuals’ cash”.

“It could put somebody’s life at danger by changing the name of the street,” he included.

The board has requested that whoever is mindful quit changing the sign.