Young Boy Dies After Accidentally Shooting Himself

A little boy dies after being rushed to the hospital. The child shot himself to the shock of his family and neighborhood.

Shocked neighborhood

One of the closest neighbors, Ray Achey, took the news badly, claiming the child was known for being exceptionally friendly:

“My wife, when she takes my one grandson around the block on the golf cart, the little boy is always out in the driveway and they say hi to each other.”

The neighborhood is accustomed to hearing gun shots as it’s close to hunting and target practice grounds. Gun sport is a popular pastime in the area.

News of the boy’s death was especially heartbreaking. Reminding many of the importance of gun safety.

Achey, concerned about his grandchildren, says “We are going to have a heart to heart about it, and I do not ever want to see them touching them, until they can take the hunting safety test.”

Further investigations

It’s not uncommon for such accidents to occur, and according to the State Troopers, children love to explore. They encourage parents and gun owners to be vigilant with locking up guns safely.

Trooper David Peters said that children have a hard time differentiating between TV and real life, which incites the children’s curiosity.

The State Troopers will be investigating the incident further. If the findings show negligence then the caretakers will be persecuted. Trooper Peters adds, “How did a 4-year-old come in possession of a firearm? That’s something we want to look at.”