Woman accused of leaving visible wound on her boyfriend by biting him and looking for him with a gun

Following an argument that turned physical, a Monroe woman is facing several count charges.
The victim said that he was into an argument with his girlfriend when she started beating him. This was disclosed in an arrest report for Evelyn Jenkins, 46, 100 block Martinez St. The victim further stated that he pushed Jenkins, his girlfriend away and she suddenly bit him on the bicep which left him with a physical wound. Sequel to the biting, the victim added that Jenkins picked up a big knife to use against him, but he fled to a nearby apartment.

Attesting to the incident

In a signed document, two individuals confessed as witnesses and said that they saw Jenkins with a gun, moving to and from the place where the victim was hibernating. In their statement, they provided the same description of the gun and confirmed that she was pointing the gun in the air.
However, during a search in the accused apartment, the officers couldn’t find the said gun but only saw a crack pipe.
In the report, a witness told the officers that Jenkins in her statement when she was arrested ‘I got you when I get out,’ means that she will inflict bodily harm on the witness once she’s out of jail.
As of Wednesday, OCC reports has it that the suspect is yet to be bonded out with a set bond of $12,500.