The Evolving Views Of Teens Who Used Marijuana

The legalization of medical marijuana that had swept over many USA States was a good move in part for those who suffers from chronic illnesses that marijuana had proven to cure. It is said to alleviate severe pains associated with some medical conditions. However with the laws set in place to govern the industry comes numerous headaches, one such problem is many high school children has access to the weed and have become addicted to the drug.

Researchers have stated that each State should create a proof based iron- clad program that will eliminate young people from having access to medical marijuana. They also stated that with the creation of proof based counteractive programs, only approved consumers will be able to get the recreational drug.

Magdalena Cerda from the Davis School of Medicine in Sacramento declared that the nation should work to educate young children to diminish their impression that the use of weed is acceptable among school-aged children.

In an interview with Reuters Health, Cerda stated that there is some dangerous health risk that is associated with the use of pot for children who are using the drug in an attempt to appear cool to their peers. There are negative results that can happen to small children who are hooked on marijuana, adding that some negative reactions can include psychosis and other mental problems as well as poor financial management.

The researchers led by Dr. Cerda, reported that several USA states have moved to legalized marijuana since 1996, additionally, the latest count is 28 states along with Washington D.C. that have legitimized the use of weed for medicinal purposes. Although late comers Colorado and Washington state had authorized the use of weed for recreational use in 2012, they had also managed to reap much success with the initiative, where Colorado is now considered the top contender in the US in the dispensation of medical marijuana.