Steering clear from kids’ deaths in hot cars

Experts advise that leaving infants in a hot car for about fifteen minutes can have a significant impact. The scenario where one Mary Esther left her kid in a hot car for about eight hours reemphasizes the dangers of leaving infants in a hot car.

Experts say although tragedies may occur at any time, death cases arising from leaving kids in hot cars often occur between June and August when the weather is warm. According to the Battalion Chief of the Dothan fire department, it may have adverse effects to leave your kid unattended.

Experts take on the consequences of leaving children in a car

Etheredge said it’s wrong to think that a mere manipulation of car windows may salvage, but the truth is that the inside of a car gets hot quickly.
Dr. Lauren Morris, a Southeastern Pediatrics stated that leaving your child in a car for fifteen minutes can cause a great difference, and symptoms such as vomiting, seizures and even nausea may occur before death. Likewise, the long term effects that follow rescuing children from hot cars may extend to neurological and internal damage.
Dr. Morris said that death occurs when the body temperature of kids rises above 104 to 107 due to the hotness of the car – this can happen within fifteen minutes.

Possible measures and solutions to kid’s hot car incidents

There are numerous steps to rescue a kid stuck in a hot car scenario; this range from inviting the closest fire department to burst the window glass carefully to avoid injuring the child. Also, it’s not advisable to put a cold cloth on the kid, as it may have a significant adverse effect.

Clothing such children with a wet cloth help in heat conduction; you may choose to sprinkle water or make use of ice – put ice under the groin and armpit.

Etheredge advocates the need to use common sense before you get off your car because you might be leaving behind your kid. The use of reminder to avoid forgetting their children at the back seat – keeping purse, cell phone or wallet can be a good one.