Snowstorms Puts Over 30 Million People Under Severe Blizzard Warning

The current Nor’easter has begun dumping snow as well as forcing winds up the East Coast of the US in the start of a monster of a storm that put over 30 million residents under severe blizzard warnings.

Travel Warnings

Thus far, around 7,700 US were canceled throughout Tuesday and up until Wednesday, leaving thousands of the nation’s schools to close due to the potentially historic storm.

Winter blizzard warnings as well as watches were set over the regions stretching from as far south as West Virginia all the way into Maine.

State and local authorities sent out a warning to residents telling them to be very prepared and try not to travel as the winds in certain areas, especially along the coast, may hit over 50 to 60 miles per hour, and reduce visibility while driving to zero.

Public Response

Public officials – including the nation’s President- released warnings for caution throughout the East Coast.

“Everyone along the east coast be safe and listen to local officials as a major winter storm approaches,” tweeted President Trump.

Along with hazards, the area also will expect power lines to go down and service to be interrupted.

“This should be a very serious blizzard, one that everyone should take seriously,” said New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio.

New York City’s largest snow accumulation will occur before around 10 a.m.

In Massachusetts, the governor stated that the state should expects rain, sleet, and extreme cold along it’s coast.

“This is going to be a lot of snow and it’s going to be a mess,” said Baker.

A snow-related emergency is expected to begin in Boston at around 7a.m. on Tuesday, said their mayor.

This storm has already hit the nation’s Midwest, and even claimed the lives of two Wisconsin residents.