Showdown at the chess candidate tournament: exciting until the last train

Who will be the Challenger of World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen? At the candidates tournament in Moscow in a duel for the victory runs out. But an old master is still in wait.

The candidates tournament in Moscow remains exciting until the last train. Mathematically, six players can intervene in the battle for the tournament victory, realistically the fight for the World Cup ticket will decide but between Fabiano Caruana, Sergey Karjakin, Viswanathan Anand has yet outsider chances.

A half point cut just before the final two games the trio. Piquant: In the final round on Monday of leading Karjakin and the runner-up Caruana facing directly. Who has the best chance to challenge world champion Magnus Carlsen in November at the World Championships in New York?

Viswanathan Anand had his first world title fight against Garri Kasparow in New York in 1995 already, in November could be so close the circle for the Indians. The now 46 would have a serious shot at the world title but in the third clash with Magnus Carlsen in the U.S. metropolis of not. Anyway, he has currently only outsider chances. To win the candidates tournament, he will need to win probably the two last rounds.
No players showed so far so many different faces as Anand at this competition. The Indians showed masterful games in Moscow in part. He showed his outstanding strength – that once earned him the reputation of a universal player – especially when his victories against Levon Aronian and Karjakin. Against both players he selected out very quiet settlements out of the opening, but each gave him a minimal advantage of position. From this he developed a long-term plan that postponed the game piece by piece in his favour on both days.

Both Aronian as Karjakin, also had to provide no direct error in the connection, some inaccuracies in the treatment position sufficient to be transferred by the former world champion.

Anand played with white in all his four games of victory. Had he but compete with the black pieces, things looked different: he lost three of his six black games. His defeats, also the major weakness of the old master was clear: his impatience. Anand like no positions where he is slightly weaker and he must be tough struggle for compensation. So not he defended his position against Caruana in the required accuracy, but went in the counter below.