Repressed women wearing fancy jeans are “national duties,” says Egyptian gardener

Egyptian lawyer Al-Nabih Wahsh has sparked anger in Egypt after saying that women wearing jeans, making sexual harassment and rape, reports The Independent.

In a fierce debate during the television show, Wahsh commented that male “national duty” was to harass women wearing worn jeans.
The theme of the program was controversy around the law to fight prostitution and encourage disappointment.

“Are you happy to see a girl showing half of her mouth?” The lawyer said earlier this month at Al-Assema.

He added, “I say, if a girl goes through what is a patriotic duty to disturb her sexual and national duty to rape her.”

Wahsh added that girls who show parts of their bodies with such clothes invite people to disturb them

His statements caused anger throughout the country when activists chose to punish him while others were ready to file an appeal against him.

Meanwhile, Wahsh was criticized as a result of social media interviews, adding that he actually demanded more stringent sanctions for sexual harassment.

“Girls need to respect others to respect them, and protection of morality is more important than border protection,” Wahsh added.
Head of the National Women’s Council Dr. Maya Mursi condemned Wahsha’s disgraceful statements that were considered a “flagrant call” to rape and said they violated an Egyptian constitution that protects women from all forms of violence.

Mursi was also surprised by the fact that these statements were given by an attorney in charge of defending the rights and freedoms.

He added that the Council would appeal the State Attorney’s Office against Wahsh and Al-Assem, adding that the Council also filed a complaint with the Supreme Media Council.

The Council also urged the media not to include such controversial people who give evidence of violence against women.