New: Google PhotoScan Restores Old Ancient Photos

Thanks to technology, the phone that we carry around with us every day is our camera. As well as our computer, notepad, video camera, music player, etc. Now, we can capture and share photos in an instant. You no longer have to submit a camera roll at your local pharmacy store and pick up the pictures in an hour. Everything is at your hands. You can even edit the photo with your fingers, as soon as you take the picture. If you need to eliminate ‘red eye’ or lighten the image, it’s all possible with your phone. You can also cut people out of the picture.

But, what about the years before camera phones?

Can you think back to Polaroid cameras? You would take a picture, then shake the instant photo until an image appeared. It may seem like ancient years, but those are memories you don’t want to lose. We also didn’t have the amazing quality in those $500 cameras that we now have in our mobile phones and tablets. Instead of paying someone to restore your old pictures, why not just do it yourself? Welcome Google PhotoScan.

Instead of going to purchase a separate phone or special device, you can simply download the latest app from Google. Google Photos has come out with a program that will transfer your old, print photos into digital photos. With one tap, you capture the image, the program automatically edits the image to digital quality (You have the option of editing and undoing any changes), and then stores it into the massive disk space that we call the “cloud”.

The program has just been released, today and can be downloaded onto iOS and Android devices. Although you are able to retrieve old photos in an instant, the quality of the image isn’t as high as an actual scanner, but it is still good quality.