Martin Luther King day: Zac Efron what has to celebrate

Word of advice: It is not a good idea to mention the number of his Instagram followers and the holiday in honour of a Nobel Peace Prize winner in a set. This experience has made actor Zac Efron.

Beyonce has more than 57 million followers on Instagram. Lady Gaga nearly 14 million. And Zac Efron? Which is quite proud to have finally cracked the 10-million mark. It did give the actor recently via Twitter. So far, so harmless.

But he linked the message to the number of followers with an event that – has with respect to Efron’s social media success – but a little more relevance: the Martin Luther King day, a national holiday in the United States.

He is dedicated to one of the most important figures of in recent U.S. history. King was one of the most important leaders of the civil rights movement, campaigned peacefully for the equality of African Americans. He was awarded for his efforts in 1964 with the Nobel Peace Prize.

There was more than strange that Efron tweeted: “today, I am grateful for a few things: Martin Luther King Jr & 10 million followers.” Hashtag: mlkday.

Efron should perhaps take a break in the social networks, even the stars suggested cost sheet “Hollywood Life”. The “Huffington Post” wrote that it is simply inappropriate to celebrate the holiday and Instagram success at the same time. And commented that it was difficult to make a mistake if you want show grateful. Efron got the out but pretty good.